Speech Analytics Services

Are you wondering what your customers want, or which customer is most likely to churn, or what else you can sell to your current customers?
We get those answers for you.

With our Natural Language Processing (NLP) based Speech Analytics Service we can transcribe all your phone calls so you can discover

  • Calling sentiment: Was it a good call?, was the customer angry?, did it start well but turn out badly?
  • Agent performance (based on 100% of calls): Was the agent friendly?, how much silence was there on the call?, was the agent effective?
  • "Voice of the Customer: What are the customer's complaints, expectations, aspirations, suggestions?, what does the customer say about your competitors?
  • Content and results of the call: Was a specific issue mentioned, were the sales closed, was the debt collected?

  • With our Deep Learning based Advanced Speech Analytics Service, we can help you predict after each call the likelihood that:

    • A customer will churn or desert you
    • A customer will pay recievables
    • A customer is likely to buy more and specifically what product or service