Surprise your customers with unexpected service levels, increase your customer base and achieve significant savings with Servicebot AI-based Smart Digital Agents that can:

  • Advise customers on the best way to navigate the stores and where to find what they are looking for Accompany customers through loyalty/benefit plans, fill out the necessary forms and submit applications for approval.

  • Provide technical assistance services to support customers with their day-to-day plan/service. Eliminate customer call abandonment by immediately responding to each incoming service call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allow you to reduce the cost of your call center by at least 30%, as they can autonomously handle 70% or more of your calls.

  • Collect receivables sooner and more effectively by interacting with 100% of your customers, through a personalized strategic combination of omni-channel communications that get automatically triggered by invoice date.

  • Launch massive omnichannel (phone, WhatsApp) marketing and induced demand campaigns with super targeted potential customer leads, at a fraction of the time and cost it would take a human call center to do so.

  • Transcribe every phone call to text and capture “The voice of the customer” so as to be able to perform advanced analytics that will support decision-making towards valuable customer experience enhancements. Predict the probability of customer churn after every call, based on their Deep Learning based Advanced Speech Analytics capabilities.