Interpretation and Scribing Services

Can you imagine if a machine could test your language skills, or what if a machine could interpret what a person is saying and translate it immediately into other languages? And what if you could have an automatic scribing machine?

Meet Stephany, the AI based voicebot that conducts English, Spanish or Portuguese language exams

  • Stephany can efficiently perform hundreds of language proficiency tests

  • Stephany can help companies, education institutions and other organizations to significantly reduce time and cost of developing language proficiency levels

  • Stephany makes the language evaluation process practical and simple, both for your organization and the person being evaluated

  • The test evaluates: pronunciation, reading comprehension and oral expression

Meet Poliglot, the AI based voicebot that instantly interprets in one language and translates it into another:

  • Poliglot can understand what a person is saying in a foreign language (English, Spanish, Portuguese) and can instantly translate it and say it in another language (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

  • Poliglot replaces the need for human interpreters, and therefore can create great cost-saving opportunities

  • Poliglot can create a big savings opportunity in some situations where certain organizations like healthcare institutions are required to have interpretation services when attending foreign language speaking patients

Meet Scribe, the AI based voicebot that cognitively understands the intent of what a person says in a conversation and takes notes.

  • Scribe can understand what a person wants to say in a spoken conversation, and store it digitally in the right place within a database, according to the different topics the person is talking about.

  • Scribe replaces the need to have a human take notes of a conversation and then have those notes stored in the right places.

  • Scribe can create a very large savings opportunity in some situations where certain organizations, such as health care institutions, are required to have a note taker at every medical appointment.

  • Scribe can instantly transcribe what a person says into a text and digitally store every aspect of that conversation in the right place in a database.