Achieve a true digital transformation based on Servicebots’s Intelligent digital agents based on artificial intelligence that can:

  • Take care of scheduling all your medical appointments, reminders, confirmation, modification and cancellation, through the phone, WhatsApp or Chatbot. This means great opportunities for savings compared to having a human call center doing the same job, and allows you to reduce the cost of the call center by at least 30%, since they can autonomously manage 70% or more of your calls.

  • Carry out the initial triage process to collect information and fill out the necessary forms, so that the healthcare professional does not have to do so. This is especially useful for telemedicine, as it avoids the need for a patient to go to a health center just to transmit basic information.

  • Perform automatic interpretation of foreign languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English), so that you do not have to spend a lot of money to hire human translators. Scribe, our digital agent, can understand what a patient wants to say to the doctor, as well as what the doctor says to the patient, transcribe it to text and store it digitally in the right place within a database, according to the different topics being discussed.

  • Launch massive omnichannel (by phone, WhatsApp) marketing campaigns and induced demand campaigns with super-targeted leads, at a fraction of the time and cost that a human call center would require to do so.
    Collect receivables faster and more effectively by interacting with 100% of your customers, through a strategic combination of customized omnichannel communications that are automatically activated by billing date.

  • Transcribe each phone call into text and capture "The Voice of the Customer" for advanced analysis to support decision making to improve the customer experience. Predict the likelihood of customers churn after each call, based on your Deep Learning-based Advanced Speech Analytics capabilities