Digital Marketing and Sales Services

Are you looking to profitably expose your products and services to many more potential buyers?
Our AI-based Intelligent Digital Agents can help you do so massively.

Find many more potential customers and reach them much faster with our massive marketing and sales campaigns.

We can set up and carry out super-targeted massive and custom marketing campaigns very quickly. Our Intelligent Digital Agents can call hundreds of thousands of marketing or sales leads per day. We can set up and carry out marketing and sales campaigns in a fraction of the time and cost it would take a human call center to do so. These massive outbound call campaigns can be for induced demand, customer loyalty, excess capacity placement and any other pre-sales or sales objectives.

Achieve large savings and increase sales force efficiency

Not only are we able to establish massive sales and marketing campaigns much faster compared to a human call center, but we are also able to carry them out at a fraction of the cost of the human alternative.

This creates a great opportunity to either achieve great savings on the operation of the current campaign or to carry out many more campaigns with the same budget. For very specialized sales that require a human salesperson, our Intelligent Digital Agents can pre-sell, and deliver qualified leads to make the sales force much more efficient.

Take advantage of our advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies to do what has never been possible

Our sales and marketing campaigns can be automatically activated by specific events or situations. We can make omnichannel sales calls that combine our intelligent digital agents who offer your products/services over the phone and collect payments from customers on WhatsApp. With our advanced analytics service we use machine learning to segment your customer base in detail and provide you with more targeted sales leads. With our Advanced Speech Analytics Service we can predict the propensity of customers to accept sales increases and cross-sell with each call.