Omnichannel Digital Contact Center Service

Revolutionize your customer service ecosystem with our AI based Omnichannel Digital Contact Center

Improve the Customer Experience

Our digital agents can really have an intelligent phone conversation with your customers, with a human like voice. Rather than just being able to convert speech into text, based on our sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, our Intelligent Digital Agents are able to infer the intent of what the caller wants to say and that is what they transcribe into text.

We can immediately answer 100% of your calls 24/7, every day of the year. No more "Your call is very important to us, but all our agents are busy serving other customers". With Servicebots, customer call dropouts are a thing of the past.

Allow your customers to reach you through their preferred channel

We allow your customers to contact you via phone, WhatsApp, Chatbot, SMS, Facebook, email. We guarantee the consistency of messages across all service channels, as it is the same digital agent that attends to customers across all channels.

Our Omnichannel platform allows you to have a panoramic view of each interaction with your customer through any channel in a single interface. If a call or contact is transferred by our Intelligent Digital Agents to a human agent, our Omni Channel platform will show the agent all the previous interactions.

Achieve significant savings

Our Intelligent Digital Agents learn so quickly that they will be able to autonomously handle at least 70% of your calls. Over time this percentage will be even higher.

This will allow your human agents to focus on the more challenging and complex calls and will save you at least 30% of your Contact Center expenses.

We can increase or decrease our service capacity on the fly, so you will always be aligned with the changes in the size of your demand.