Specialized Customer Service Bots

Improve your customers' experience and gather valuable information about them faster and cheaper with our specialized service of Intelligent Digital Agents for customer service.

Frequent Questions and Answers Bot

Our Intelligent Digital Agents use human-like voices to answer an unlimited number of frequently asked questions on the fly.

Our clients can enter the question and answer autonomously, and our Intelligent Digital Agents will be able to answer that question immediately when it arises.

Survey Bot

You can use it to launch an unlimited number of omnichannel surveys (phone, sms, WhatsApp) very quickly. The surveys can have any number of open and closed questions in different formats. Our digital agent can make hundreds of thousands of calls in a very short period of time, since it can talk to thousands of people at the same time. You can configure the triggers to launch the surveys in real time. These surveys can be about customer satisfaction, product acceptance, political preferences, or any other topic.

Customer Information Update Bot

Our Intelligent Digital Agents can periodically update your customer information in a fraction of the time and cost it would take a human call center to do so.

Our digital agents can collect customer information by phone, sms and WhatsApp. They can also fill out forms and place the data in the right place on our client’s applications. We can reach hundreds of thousands of customers in a single day.