Financial Services

Revolutionize Customer Service, increase your customer base and secure important savings based on Servicebot’s AI based Intelligent Digital Agents that can:

  • Advise new or existing customers on which specific financial services product is best suited to them. Accompany customers through the application process for new products, fill out the necessary forms and direct the application for approval.

  • Assist customers in all aspects of the day-to-day use of their financial products Eliminate customer call abandonment by immediately responding to each incoming service call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enable you to reduce the cost of your call center by at least 30%, since they can autonomously handle 70% or more of your calls.

  • Collect receivables sooner and more effectively by interacting with 100% of your customers through a customized strategic combination of omni-channel communications that are automatically activated by the age of the debt. Autonomously negotiate payment terms for telephone receivables and collect payments on WhatsApp

  • Launch massive omni-channel (by phone, WhatsApp) marketing campaigns and induced demand with super-targeted leads, at a fraction of the time and cost that a human call center would require to do so.

  • Transcribe each phone call into text and capture "The Voice of the Customer" for advanced analysis to support decision making to improve the customer experience.